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2105 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley CA 94704
United States



We serve Berkeley. We love Berkeley. We ARE Berkeley. SG Real Estate is based in Berkeley, a few blocks from the UC campus. UC Berkeley students are among our most loyal supporters. We've tailored our customer service to meet the needs of our campus communities, and deliver the absolute best living experience. Whether you're a UC student, parent, or any Berkeley resident, renting from SG ensures that you will feel supported and valued.


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Berkeley most often refers to: Berkeley, California, a city in the United States University of California, Berkeley, a public university in Berkeley, California George Berkeley (1685–1753), Anglo-Irish philosopher Berkeley may also refer to: == Places == === Australia === Berkeley, New South Wales, a suburb of Wollongong === Canada === Berkeley, Ontario, a community in Grey County === United Kingdom === Berkeley (hundred), an administrative division from late Saxon period to the 19th century Berkeley, Gloucestershire, a town in England === United States === Berkeley, California, a city in the San Francisco Bay Area, the largest city named Berkeley Berkeley, Denver, a neighborhood in Denver, Colorado Berkeley, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago Berkeley, Missouri, a northwestern suburb of St.

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